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Top Management

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Louis Sullivan, the “father of modernism” and an influential architect once quoted, “Form follows function.” This is an integral governing factor for all our services, designs and fabrication at Assarain Furnishing. We welcome our clients to make their offices and residences more alluring by exploring designs that truly fit their preferences. Committed to upholding our reputation as a regional leader in occupancy services, we cater with care to our growing band of customers, with our custom-made furnishing solutions and top-class services. Ever supportive of Omanization, we ensure that many of our purchases are from the local markets and we encourage and train local talent to craft and deliver world class products and services. We look to the future with strategic training, growth and development of our personnel. 
Since our inception in 1975, our company has been registering a consistent growth pattern. We are venturing out into various arenas of furnishing services such as corporate offices, retail, hospitality and residential villas and over the years, we have become a key player in the Oman furnishing market. Today, Assarain Furnishing is a trusted brand that has evolved beyond corporate offices to hospitals and hotels, and beyond interiors solutions, to offer comprehensive fit-out solutions, premium furniture and furnishings. Our rewarding journey continues…